August 3rd, 2015
Summerville, SC




TEAM STRONG is the Official Gym of the Carolina Spartan Race
Nonprofit seeks to spread the mission of healthy living in community, at the nationwide obstacle course race.


TEAM STRONG, a nonprofit that offers gifted workouts to different locations in the community in Charleston, SC, is honored to be the official gym of the Spartan Race in Winnsboro, SC on November 14-15th.

“We are very excited to share our message of helping people reach their goals, connecting with the community, and providing resources to helping people get healthy mentally and physically (without requiring a fee for our training), in such a large scale at the Spartan Race,” says TEAM STRONG’s Spartan Race Certified Coach, and co-founder Kandice Powell. “We are very thankful for the donations given to us by those who believe in the mission, which allow us to gift these workouts, race entries, transportation, and equipment to the community. This is an opportunity that we respect and appreciate, and will bring excellence to as we share what TEAM STRONG is all about to other obstacle race enthusiasts.”



On a Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday night, you’ll find TEAM STRONG, running through the woods, carrying sandbags, swinging kettlebells, doing pull-ups, and of course, the infamous and tortuous exercise movement called the burpee. These folks are training at a gifted workout, with equipment supplied to them. All individuals progressing towards their own goals, but coming together in encouragement for each other. TEAM STRONG can also be seen at obstacle course races around the country, competing, and helping others make it through the course as a team; no one left behind.

At the upcoming Spartan Race at Carolina Adventure World, in Winnsboro, SC, come check out TEAM STRONG at their tent in the festival area. Get a glimpse of the culture of this unique nonprofit, do some burpees with them, and maybe be inspired to start a TEAM STRONG chapter in your area.
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The Official Gym of The Spartan Carolina Beast!
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