We have recently been abruptly faced with an immediate and unplanned move from our current rented facility.
After some discussions with our dedicated board of directors, we decided that we will make this a good thing. So good, that we will be able to impact even more lives, without having most of our expenses going towards rent. TEAM STRONG is going mobile! We are going to take our gym, make it portable, and bring it to your neighborhood!
We have awesome plans of housing our equipment on a cool trailer, storage, supplying attendees with wreck bags, and taking on all the trails, but we could use some help with initial start-off costs. If you’ve been impacted by TEAM STRONG, please consider giving a donation. We value every penny that has been generously given to us, and every penny will be spent on the process of getting us mobile and serving others with gifted workouts. Please share the word. Thank you!







TEAM STRONG Goes Mobile!
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