What started out as a few friends meeting together to workout in a garage, shocking neighbors by flipping tractor tires down the street, has evolved into a wellness revolution, that continues spreading across the country!

STRONG’s mission since day one, was to be more than just a workout group, more than just a gym, more than just an obstacle course racing team. We are about the people who show up, the people that pick up a kettlebell for the first time, the people that put down the soda, the people that stand shoulder-to-shoulder with us at the starting line.

We are about the people that don’t come to our gym, that never intend to race, or won’t change their eating habits; people that we still care about, who are our community.

All people are always welcome to join TEAM STRONG. We ask that if you call STRONG your TEAM, you signify that you stand for…(1) Sacrificing for your own health, (2 ) Sacrificing for someone else’s health, and (3) Sacrificing for the team.

Revolutions happen when people are willing to sacrifice for a mission; sacrifice their time, comforts, finances, current perceptions, etc.

STRONG has lasted and thrived this long because as an organization and people, we are adaptive and flexible. We have grown because we’ve listened, and continue to seek out guidance from mentors and experts on how to better serve people on any point of their fitness journey. There has definitely been some growing pains, hiccups, mountaintops, and valleys on this STRONG mission field, but overall, we are so grateful.

Yes, we are so GRATEFUL. These past two years have been full. We are thankful to all of those who have given, sacrificed, helped, and pushed us these past two years. We are grateful for the faces that ask how they can help, the faces we can always count on, the faces that are zealous about getting people healthy.

THANK YOU!!! Here’s to many more years of STRONG!!!




STRONG’s Two Year Anniversary
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