It’s a rainy, foggy 40 degree morning…sounds like the perfect time to run up and down hills in the mushy, mud trails, deep in the woods, pull ourselves over 9ft walls, swim through the icy river, crawl under barb wire, climb ropes over the pit, pull concrete blocks, and jump over fire, doesn’t it?!


We weren’t offered favorable weather conditions, but TEAM STRONG found our deepest strength to endure this brutal race in this brutal weather. We ran and conquered the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte, NC at the National Whitewater Center on March 24th, 2013. A few of us came down with hypothermia afterwards, but yet, we all would do it over again in a heartbeat.


This race was not for the weak or the unprepared, and I’m proud to say that TEAM STRONG was neither of these. Good job Michael, Edie, Sam, Zach, Joey, Rob, Shannon, and Kandice! Thanks Allan for being our bundled up cheerleader and photographer.

You’ll be amazed at how extraordinary it is taking part in a race like this, and how it will affect all areas of your life. The mental toughness, the push physically, the bond with teammates, the self-esteem that will beam through the mud caked on your body; it’s a medal of memories that you’ll share for the rest of your life.


Look like fun? We’ll be at….

Mega Mud Challenge in Charleston, SC on September 7, 2013. 5k+ course with 30+ obstacles.

Spartan Beast: Winnsboro, SC November 9, 2013. 12+ miles and 25+ obstacles. Click here to get 15% off your next Spartan Race.

Join us on “TEAM STRONG” and we’d love to encourage, train, and help you through these races!

Spartan Sprint March 2013
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