It’s getting closer to TEAM STRONG’s debut at the Carolina Spartan Beast! Here’s some tips on making sure you are prepared for this monster of a race:


What to Wear

1. Wear tight clothing – no cotton! Remember you’ll be getting wet, so wear appropriate gear that won’t weigh you down. Pay attention to the weather to dress to prevent hypothermia. Wear clothing that you feel comfortable in; use chafing cream before the race to protect rubbing your skin raw.

2. Hydration Pack – Start off fully-loaded, and refill with water at water stations. Pack your hydration pack with sustenance that will keep you hydrated and fueled. Nuun tablets, GU gels or chews, Stinger Waffles, Sport Beans, etc. Remember that Sodium and Electrolytes are your friend, and will help you to keep from cramping. (Try out a food product in your training first, to make sure it works for you).

-Other handy items to pack include band-aids, antiseptic, duct tape, chafing cream/petroleum jelly, and gloves.

*We’ll be running in the morning so won’t need a headlamp*

3. Shoes – Duh! If you have trail-running shoes of course wear them. Wear shoes that will do well in water, and have good grip on muddy terrain. Our last race in Winnsboro had a lot of rocky climbs. Lace those babies up tight; nothing worse than trying to re-tie muddy shoelaces.

What to Bring

joeydead_superhero1. After Race Bag –

-Pack a change of warm, loose clothing and a pair of shoes for afterwards.

-Bring a large towel to wrap around you after showering.

-Garbage bags to put dirty clothes in

2. Bring cash for parking, locker/bag check to store keys and clothes while racing, food, souvenirs, etc.

3. Bring ID for registering and filling out forms before race. Plan to get there at least an hour before the race. You can also download and print the race documents and fill out before getting there to save time.

4. Protein-packed food and lots of water to refuel your tired muscles.

Spartan will email start times, bib numbers, racing waivers, etc. during the week before, so look in your inbox when it gets closer.

Join the Carolina Spartan Beast Facebook Page for more immediate updates and to connect with other racers.


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Preparing for the Spartan Beast!
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