On September 7th, TEAM STRONG arrived at the Mega Mud Challenge in Charleston, SC. We pitched a tent and made ourselves at home for an entire day of racing and serving at Legare Farms.

IMG_1151TEAM STRONG brought 15 teammates to the Mega Mud Challenge, and while four of us prepared for the first race in the competitive heat, the rest of our STRONG brothers and sisters enthusiastically stepped into volunteer roles for the event. TEAM STRONG conquered  the course loaded with mud pit crawls under barb wire, nets, and electric shockers. Our upper body was tested with many different types of high climbs, scaling walls, ascending ropes, and muscling up and over pull-up bars. Our endurance and composure was challenged with swimming, balancing on a plank of wood over a creek, running through the wonderfully fragrant manure, and getting on our knees for lots of crawling. Any fears were put on trial while climbing over 13 foot walls, swinging like Tarzan over a steep trench, crawling through a very narrow tunnel (claustrophobic?), and keeping an eye on the wildlife and farm animal encounters.

It was no easy walk through the farm, but TEAM STRONG is proud to have won 2nd place out of 98 teams, with a time of 1 hour and 2 minutes! We applaud team Chucktown Fitness on their win with a time of 1 hr and 22 seconds. We’ll see you again in April to fight for that title! TEAM STRONG is also elated to have had the first female finisher of the course on their team, “chicking” many of the guys in her path. This race definitely made us rely on one other, grew us closer, and hungrier for more progress in our fitness and in our spiritual strength. We are stronger together: 

By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A -three stranded rope isn’t easily snapped (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  


Now it was time for the racers to switch roles with the volunteers, and have our teammates tackle the race. Everyone did an amazing job, and everyone finished! It was obvious to see our training pay off on the course, and it was obvious to the other racers and spectators that we were also there to serve. This volunteer opportunity allowed us to be encouragement to all the racers on the course, guide them in doing each obstacle correctly and safely, and some of our teammates were especially helpful when injuries happened on the course. One female racer was so glad to have our teammate Edie with her when she broke her leg; helping her to stay calm while waiting for help. We love how our team loves!

The Mega Mud Challenge was a great race and team-building event for TEAM STRONG! We’re looking forward to the next race in April!

Do you want to race on TEAM STRONG? Everyone is welcome to join our team! Check out what races we’ll be conquering next.

Check out more photos of the Mega Mud Challenge here.





Mega Mud Challenge
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