The Citadel in Charleston, SC is intimidating. The Citadel’s 10k obstacle course race lived up to its appearances.

TEAM STRONG took on the Bull Dog Challenge on March 1st, 2014. It felt more like an intensive training camp than any normal OCR. Through most of the course, teams of 4 were challenged to carry sandbags as they ran, in addition to many obstacles. One of our favorites involved one teammate carrying all the sandbags in a backpack, while one teammate was carried up several floors of a parking garage on a stretcher by the other 2 teammates.


We had to crawl through mud, climb the stairs of the stadium, ascend a rope, and fireman carry each other, among many other challenging tasks. We relied on each other’s individual strengths to carry us through each diverse obstacle.

TEAM STRONG was proud of our performance, and we were proud to sport our sponsor: Athletics8’s compression calf sleeves. It was a chilly and rainy day, and the compression definitely saved our muscles on the strenuous course.

The Bull Dog Challenge was a fun course that left our shoulders sore but aching for more! We are excited and prepared to take on our next race, the Spartan Sprint in Charlotte, on March 22nd!

Citadel Bull Dog Challenge

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