TEAM STRONG got to experience a glimpse of what training as a Navy Seal is like, at the Battlefrog Race at Carolina Adventure World on June 21st, 2014. This race boasted a 5k AND a 15k course, and TEAM STRONG members divided and conquered both distances, as wells as manned volunteer positions, refueled and conversed with other racers and patrons in our VIP tent in the festival area, cheered on the future of the sport at the kids’ race, and wrapped things up with the end-of-day volunteer heat.

The Carolina Battlefrog course was all about enduring and climbing. You had to not only endure running 9-miles, but push your body up the many steep hills, swim and wade through various murky water valleys, and fight the demanding heat of the summer day in South Carolina. Climbing…oh, the Battlefrog loved to make its participants climb! The very sturdy obstacles challenged us to ascend tall ladders, cargo nets, high walls, and the infamous Tsunami, which was more like trying to climb a slippery water slide. We punished our grip on various rope obstacles, especially on the rope traversing over a body of water, aka, the 8-count-body-builder-failed-obstacle-penalty-mega-fest. Overall, “easy” is definitely not a word we would ever use to describe this tough race!

We had the opportunity to meet some great people who will have an amazing impact on obstacle course racing, and got to reconnect with our inspirational friends Coach Pain Dewayne, Zach and Wendy from More Heart Than Scars, the amazing Andi Hardy, our Atlanta TEAM STRONG, Cornfed, and the legend….Hobie Call, to name a few. We are very excited and hopeful of the partnerships and growth for our mission we have received from this support.

We are grateful. We are grateful to have a team of people that aren’t afraid of hard work to further our mission. We are grateful for the staff and volunteers of Battlefrog. We want to thank Battlefrog for allowing us to have an active role in promoting this awesome event, supplying us with a VIP section in the festival area, and giving us a great discount to encourage our friends and family to join us! We are grateful for everyone’s sacrifice and commitment to make this day a success, and we are so grateful for the Navy Seals’ service. Last, but not least, we of course want to thank our coach, and the mastermind behind our programming, Coach Marshall Crown.

We eagerly await the next time we get to take on the Battlefrog! Who’s with us!?!

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Carolina Battlefrog June 21st, 2014
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