There is so much more to health, than just working-out and eating clean.

imageThe purpose of STRONG is to be pro-active in our overall health. We don’t want to wait for an illness to convince us to start taking care of our bodies, and we don’t want to wait for a tragedy in our lives to expose how we need community and inner strength. Our motto at STRONG is that we are “Strong Souls with Strong Bodies.”

At STRONG, we focus on strength-training and endurance with our WODs designed and coached by experienced trainers. We share in community about our struggles, praises, and how we can be serving others, all while training our bodies to reach our own individual goals, and continually improve our performance.

Like all good bands, we first started off in a garage, and are now taking our workouts mobile! STRONG is over 3 years old, and is ambitiously and optimistically looking at both big plans and everyday ways we can help others. STRONG is a program run by our nonprofit Active8.


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